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The answer may be that although the earlier celestial events may seem to precede and foreshadow the later reality, suggesting one should look for a linear before-and-after, cause-and-effect relationship, the actual situation is all of a piece, fractal, and mutually self-reflecting in what may be a multidimensional temporality.

In a single, simple analogous image, the veins in the very first leaves of a single-branched sapling directly foreshadow the shape and complexity of the giant, many-branched tree that lies in the future, not because one leads to another, but because they are both part of a larger evolutionary picture. In fact, in a loose parallel to progressions, early tree branching indications can actually be used to forecast later full tree size and biomass [see fractal branch analysis ].

That very thought leads directly to what progressions most likely truly are: fractal resonance down through time, innate in the very mix of natural cycles that abide across time. There is a direct resonance between cyclical reversal of day and night, the diurnal rhythm that sets the tides, the monthly lunar cycle which modifies the tides, and the yearly reversal of summer and winter that sets the tides of temperature and all else that seasonally drives across the planet.

They are what make the chord more than the sum of its notes, the blend that makes it swell and resonate. In a planetary system such as ours, exactly this sort of resonance occurs, gravitationally and magnetically, and it is the primary substrate of our existence. We evolved according to its rhythms and that life is most successful which most effectively surfs along its peaks and valleys — it is the very picture of our evolution, and hence the fractal similarity not only across space, from large to small, but across time, from then till now, now till then, in both the greater and the lesser.

Three simple notes l make a complex chord r -- graphs of combined planetary and market cycles look much the same But back to progressions — the progress of one cycle is directly mirrored backwards and forwards by another, since they are interlinked and form integral resonant harmonics with one another, in patterns that span eons, so you will see the parallel in events that reflect the interaction well in front or behind of the specifics that generate them.

Thus you would expect to hear faint, internal echoes of the shorter rhythms diurnal and lunar laid on like an overtone series upon the large solar as the years go by, with the smaller riding the larger like fluctuations on a carrier wave.

Transit Planets

And what aspects of these should you notice most? So there you have it, the essence of a physical basis for progressions, the missing key to a major astrological mystery. But you may, like most, have a hard time wrapping your head around how time itself could be fractal, or even dare we say? This is due to the natural significations of Saturn as well as his indications in the chart.

In the chart, Saturn is in the 2nd, rules the 3rd and 4th, dominates the 5th, and is closely dominated by an out of sect Mars who squares him within a degree.

Other methods - Astrodienst

However, around the 3rd year, when the aspect of Venus is effective, he marries and has children. Venus naturally signifies marriage, she rules the 7th and is the exalted ruler of the 5th, and she is in the 10th house where she confers children. Thereafter, misery strikes again with the death of the child due to the fact that Saturn is still the distributor. The ecliptic is at an angle to the horizon, so signs rise somewhat diagonally. For this reason, they take more or less than 2 hours to rise, rather than a steady 2 hours per sign.

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The length of time it takes for a given sign to rise depends on the latitude of the location, and this length of time is measured in Right Ascension RA. You will recall that 1 degree of RA is basically 4 minutes of clock time. When a sign takes longer than 2 hours to rise, it is called a sign of long ascension. However, we want to express the ascensional time in RA.

The use of progressions in astrology

Therefore, the ascensional time for that sign which took 3 hours at that latitude would be 45 degrees of RA. The ascensional times of the signs for the latitude of birth are important to know. They are used in various Hellenistic predictive methods. The ancient key of 1 year for each degree of RA was used in multiple ways in Hellenistic astrology. For instance, an activation of the sign in the chart was thought to occur around the same number of years as the ascensional time of the sign. In our 45 degree sign example, we might expect some special activation of that sign in the birth chart at 45 years of age.

For instance, in Book II, Ch. The position of the sect light itself is important, but the triplicity lords, which typically indicate supportive influences, preside over certain periods of life. The first triplicity lord assists in the first period of life, with the second taking over after that, and then the third after that.

Valens instructs that the time that the first triplicity lord rules is either its minor years or the ascensional time of the sign it occupies. For nativities which are badly situated whether day or night births , if the predominant houseruler is unfavorably located, but its successor is at an angle or otherwise configured well, the native will experience ups and downs during his early years or until the rising time of the sign or until the cyclical return of the chronocrator, but will afterwards be vigorous and effective—except for being unsteady and anxious.

Valens, Book II. There are many other areas in the Anthology in which Valens uses the ascensional times of the signs. See for instance Book II, Ch. The examples in Book VII are particularly revealing as he considered the age corresponding to the ascensional time of the sign to activate events symbolized by planets in and aspecting the sign. He also does quite a bit of adding the ascensional times of the signs to the minor years of the planets in or aspecting the sign to show combined activation.

Additionally, the ascensional times were used to estimate primary directions pertaining to the Ascendant. They were also sometimes used as a sort of rough symbolic direction of other points, even though it is not astronomically correct to use them for directing other points. Gansten , p. The method is as follows: take the ascensional time of the sign, divide it by 30, and use that as a conversion unit for the RA of one zodiacal degree of the sign. To better understand how this is done, the reader will have to first obtain a table of sign ascensional times for the latitudes. One such table is available from Project Hindsight for free as the last pdf link on this page.

Please download that table at this time and refer to it for the discussion in the next few paragraphs. He was born at about 47 North, for latitude, and his Ascendant is Virgo. Mars rules that time in the life until the Ascendant enters the bound of Saturn which starts at 28 Virgo, 8 degrees past the Ascendant.

The Saturn bound lasts for 2 degrees, or 2. After that point the Ascendant enters the first bound of Libra, which is another Saturn bound. When entering a new sign we have to find the conversion factor for the new sign. However, in this case it is easy, because Virgo and Libra have the same ascensional times, and thus the same conversion factor. We can do the same thing for aspects to the Ascendant. Therefore, we are interested in the age that corresponds to about 8. Multiplying by our Virgo conversion factor for this latitude of 1. Hopefully, you now have a good grasp of how the sign conversion factors can be used to convert zodiacal distance into years of life.

This is simply a rough estimate because each sign does not rise at a constant rate. It is not precisely accurate to equate any arbitrary zodiacal degree of Virgo with the same particular unit of time. However, I want to leave the reader with at least the chance to create and print off tables for the Ascendant jarbakhtar periods of any chart.

This is done with the free open-source traditional astrology program Traditional Morinus. If you are new to Morinus, please check out those posts. Please download, install, and get a chart in there, before continuing on. OK, now that you have a birth chart up, you should have a screen that somewhat resembles the following:.

Make sure your selections look as follows. Now we are ready to calculate the tables. Go to Tables in the top menu, then Primary Directions. You might as well check Make sure only Direct is checked.

Converse here are actually not traditional converse primary directions at all, but a sort of reverse primary direction where we imagine that the signs are moving across the sky in reverse i. When you hit OK, you should end up with a Table of primary directions of the Ascendant through bounds.

One thing that we notice is that for the period from April 18, until March 3, , the Ascendant directs through the Saturn bound of Taurus 22 to 27 Taurus. This tells us that Saturn is jarbakhtar for the period and sets the tone as a time lord.

Sample Progressions Report

Saturn characterizes very significant events as it is located in her 12th House, opposite her natal Sun. Houston died during the period on Feb. For some more on the importance of Saturn in the timing of her death, please see the article on her death. As mentioned above, the distributor bound lord and the aspectual directions to the Ascendant were typically looked at together. These primary directions are the most important ones due to the symbolic nature of the Ascendant, so I highly recommend that you save a table which includes just these directions for your own chart and all the charts you analyze.

Now you will need to check some additional promissors and aspects, but everything else will remain the same. Also, check that the secondary motion of the Moon is accounted for i. We find that the Ascendant is in Libra, going through the bounds of Jupiter, Venus, and Mars during the final 20 years of the period ages Libra is ruled by Venus ruler of the MC and occupied by Jupiter ruler of the 5th house of children in the natal chart.

Interestingly, Jupiter is located in the bound of Jupiter, and Venus strongly aspects her own Venus bound in the sign, so both planets make eventful aspects during their distributorships. Also, there is the presence of twelfth-part of Mercury in the Jupiter bound. Trump became a television star with the start of the Apprentice in He married his third wife in By , Trump is in his Venus distribution.

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Venus rules the 10th house of rank and authority and she has her twelfth-part in the 10th house. Call me for a chat if you'd like to explore further if this course is for you. Tel[masked] Time: 7 - 8. You can book a space by emailing me at [masked]. Please send me your place, date and time of birth when you book - many thanks. For those of you who don't know me - here is a brief bio: Margaret Gray B. Astrology Margaret works as a professional Psychological Astrologer offering consultations, courses and workshops in her native Dublin.

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