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We crave a human connection to satiate our souls, but problems never shy away from cropping up. Online Horoscope Matching for Marriage is the only way you can remotely dream of settling down with your partner while averting any ill-omen surrounding your union. Horoscope Matching by name happens to be the easiest way possible. Just enter details of the boy and girl and you will be all set to acquaint yourself with what the future holds for conjugal bliss.

Guna Milan

Horoscope Kundali Matching will aid you in securing a perfect life for you and your partner while ensuring that the planets and nakshatras agree with your choice. The 3 most reliable and accurate Kundli Matching Reports available in the market are mentioned below for your reference. Get on the wagon to ensure a perfectly blissful married life!

The report contains calculations amalgamated through the KP System of matching along with the Vedic Astrology way of Kundli matching by name and date of birth. Also provided are Vimshotari Dasha sub-sub period calculations and Manglik dosha compatibility and possible remedies to negate it.

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A detailed Personality Analysis is also laid down at the end of the Report so that the couple can analyse both of their temperaments and make the decision wisely. Milan Phal Report is the easiest way to calculate online horoscope matching for marriage due to its provision of meticulously analysing the union of the couple.

With the help of AstroGraphs, both the charts are explained in detail and how both the individuals will influence each other and the planets present in the birth chart. The influence of each planet along with their Antardasha and Mahadasha is explained in an elaborate way so that it helps both, the astrologer and a layman!

Free Online Horoscope Matching Kundli Gun Milan Marriage Compatibility

Thank You Future Point for making my marriage successful. This is a Vedic compatibility method used in major part of India. This method tells about compatibility based on 1. Varna koota, 2.

Kundli Matching: Marriage Compatibility Based on Vedic Astrology

Vashya koota, 3. Tara koota, 4.

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Yoni koota, 5. Graha maitri koota, 6. Gana koota, 7.

Kundali Matching for Marriage

Rashi koota or Bhakoota and 8. Nadi koota. Varna koota tells about an understanding between the couple. Vashya koota tells about trust of the couple on each other. Tara koota tells about the longevity of married life. Yoni koota tells about prosperity and financial status of the couple.

Marriage Horoscope Compatibility - Kundali Milan

It also tells about the physical attraction between the couple. Graha Maitri koota tells about family and home. Gana koota tells about mental compatibility between the couple. Rashi koota tells about happiness between the couple. Nadi koota tells about physical compatibility and child birth. No, this is a basic method as it uses only Birth star and Birth sign.

Today, even after 20 years I am still with him. His predictions are accurate and remedies effective. Till date his predictions have been bang on for me. Nishu Sharma.

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Prem Kumar Sharma in the month of November for the first time though the reference of my aunt. He tells us small Upayas which not only changes your state of mind but your whole personality. I have got full confidence in him. Meera Gupta.

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